MSGEQ7 Breakout Board Kit

MSGEQ7 Graphic Equalizer Kit


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Product Description

This is a kit to build a breakout board for the MSGEQ7 Graphic Equalizer chip. Using this chip, you can take any audio input from a standard 3.5mm stereo jack and read the levels of seven frequency bands.

  1. 63Hz
  2. 160Hz
  3. 400Hz
  4. 1kHz
  5. 2.5kHz
  6. 6.25kHz
  7. 16kHz

The level is read as a voltage level from 0 to VCC on the OUT pin of the board. Frequencies are cycled through by applying a 0-VCCsignal to the strobe pin. You can use those frequency levels to adjust other things like dancing LEDs! Test code is available on the Rheingold Heavy site and github repository to help get you up and running.

The kit includes the printed circuit board, the master MSGEQ7 chip, a breadboard compatible pin header, three resistors, four capacitors and the stereo input jack. All components are through hole and the board was specifically laid out to give lots of space to solder, so it’s a great board for beginners.

Instructions for assembly can be found here: MSGEQ7 Breakout Board Kit Assembly

Tutorial to help you get up and running with your MSGEQ7 here: Getting Started with your MSGEQ7

Datasheet for the MSGEQ7 can be found here: Mixed Signal Integration MSGEQ7

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Dimensions 2 x 3 x .5 in