Digital Logic Experimentation Pack
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Digital Logic Experimentation Pack


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Product Description

This pack provides you with all the chips used in the Digital Logic Basics tutorial series. The series brings you from practicing with simple logic gates all the way to building full flip flops and storing bits of data in memory you build yourself. The chips required to build those are all included, as well as a 555 Timer IC with passive components to generate a 1Hz clock signal, LEDs to use as I/O indicators and breadboard compatible slide switches.

The Logic Pack contains the following…

  • 1x SN74HC00N – Quad NAND Gate
  • 1x SN74HC02N – Quad NOR Gate
  • 1x SN74HC04N – Hex NOT Gate
  • 1x SN74HC08N – Quad AND Gate
  • 1x SN74HC86N – Quad XOR Gate
  • 1x SN74HC32N – Quad OR Gate
  • 1x NE555P – Timer Integrated Circuit
  • 1x Set of Timer Resistors and Capacitors to generate 1Hz signal
  • 5x Red LEDs with current limiting resistors
  • 5x Green LEDs with current limiting resistors
  • 3x breadboard compatible SPDT slide switches

All components are through hole and specifically selected for use with breadboards. The logic gates and timer IC are all of the highest quality and manufactured by Texas Instruments.

(Switches in pictures are representative only – switches shipping with the pack will not require soldering).

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