Debounced Buttons with Manual Shift Register

Manual Serial Communications Trainer


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This is a breakout board combining the functionality of the manually controlled 74HC595 with the three hardware debounced buttons featured on the I2C and SPI Education Shield and is compatible with all the associated Rheingold Heavy tutorials.

Leaning how signals are sequenced in serial communications is one of the vital first steps to being able to manipulate those signals at will, and this board is designed to teach you that in the most simple way possible: by allowing you to clock data in to a 74HC595 shift register manually using your fingers!

Three buttons, debounced with hardware, control the Latch, Data and Clock signals of a 74HC595, that has it’s outputs connected directly to eight green LEDs. Hook up 5V and GND, bring CLR high and OE low, and you’re ready to start. When you’ve got the basics down, you only have to connect three jumpers and that turns control of the shift register over to your code.

When you don’t need to use the shift register anymore, the board continues to provide the full functionality of the hardware debounced buttons. Just connect OE to 5V and it’s like the shift register doesn’t exist, just three buttons that deliver crisp inputs for your projects.

Board pictured is a prototype – final board may include minor changes.

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