AT25SF081 Flash RAM Breakout Board

AT25SF081 8Mbit Flash RAM Breakout Board


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This is a breakout board for the Adesto Technologies AT25SF081 8-Mbit Flash RAM chip featured on the I2C and SPI Education Shield and is compatible with all the associated tutorials. This cool little chip communicates over SPI to provide your projects with on-board data storage with no need to resort to wireless communication battery life hogs. It also features level shifters to allow the 3V3 chip to be safely used with 5V microcontrollers like your Arduino Uno!

The board breaks all the pins out to a header except for the Write Protect pin, which is delivered as a pin header with a jumper to select the Write Protect mode for the security status register.

Because the chip communicates over SPI, you know it will be fast to read and write from and with 8-Mbit of storage space, you can log a lot of data points. The Flash technology allows the chip to sustain 100,000 write / erase cycles before degradation, so be careful how you write your loops and while(1) structures!

NOTE: The AT25SF081 is a 3V3 (3.3V) chip, so the board features logic level shifters to allow the board to be used with 5V microcontrollers, like the chip of your Arduino Uno. Because of the level shifting design, this board isn’t compatible with 3V3 native micros, and it prevents use of the dual and quad read features of the chip.

Board pictured is a prototype – final board may include minor changes.

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