Last 24 hours!!!


Man, I would not want to rewind to where I was 30 days ago… 24 hours before releasing the project to Kickstarter. So much stress, so many questions, I don’t think I slept for two days. All the effort to redesign the Rheingold Heavy website, the effort to make sure there was content ready to go, the to-do lists, man.

I’m so happy to be on the threshold of funding success… in 24 hours the question will be not did the project fund but which of the stretch goals did we hit! That’s a much happier place to be, as you can imagine.

Kicktraq currently estimates a closing of 155%, so just shy of $10,000, but they’ve been raising that estimate all day long, so obviously their algorithm isn’t tracking too precisely, which is ok by me!

The I2C and SPI Education System -- Kicktraq Mini

I’ll have more tomorrow, but for now, I think I’ll sleep well tonight.